Has The QR Code Worn Out It’s Welcome?

I was in a meeting with a client reviewing a project and the question came up on whether or not we should include a QR code. There was a bit of a disagreement – it was mostly friendly banter via email, each side finding articles to support their argument. One person thought we should dump QR codes because they are outdated and overrated, and no one uses them anymore – she certainly doesn’t and none of her friends do. In the end, we decided not to add it to this particular project because it didn’t really warrant it. However, the debate continues on whether or not we should be utilizing them at all. This got me to thinking I should really open this conversation up to others, so here we are! Read on and then tell me what you think.

4 Strategies for Face-to-Face Marketing

4 stategies for face-to-face marketing

It’s easy to get caught up in modern technology when marketing your business. Websites, email, and social media are convenient and can allow you to respond instantly to changing market conditions. However, the cost of some of these options can add up when you factor in the cost of technology services to track and analyze results. If you don’t have it in your budget to add the bells and whistles, relying exclusively on bits and bytes to get your message across could find you barking up the wrong tree. So until you have the budget, get out there and pound the pavement – get to know your customers and their needs. One of the best way to do this is good old-fashioned face-to-face marketing. Marketing is, above all, about creating personal relationships with your customers, so get personal. Consider implementing just one of these 4 face-to-face marketing strategies…

The Evolution of Print

Print Press

“Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated,” humorist Mark Twain is supposed to have quipped. The same may be said of many of the dire forecasts regarding the imminent demise of print media of all types, including newspapers, magazines, books, and printed marketing materials.

The Importance Of Google’s Author Rank And How To Implement It

Google Plus Icons

A large part of Google’s success as a search engine has been due to its patented PageRank algorithm. This works by using the number of links that point to a given page, and the quality of those links, to determine how important the linked page is. The underlying assumption – which has worked well in practice – is that links to a page are a form of endorsement, and that a page that has a lot of links pointing to it is more important and should be placed higher in the results returned for a search. Because of this, content creators have worked hard to improve the numbers of links to their pages. But there is a new kid on the block that you need to get to know if you want to help your content reach the top of search engine listings – Google’s Author Rank.

Halloween Has Gone to the Dogs!

What would Halloween be without dressing up our beloved pets in funny or scary costumes? 22 million Americans plan to dress up their pets for Halloween. It’s no longer enough to find a creative, fun or scary costume for ourselves, now we have the added pressure of finding just the right costume for our pets! This trend doesn’t seem to be waning, according to the National Retail Federation’s Halloween Spending Survey, pet parents will be spending $330 million on costumes for their furry kids. That’s a 65% increase from what was spent in 2010. The most popular costume is a pumpkin, closely followed by a hot dog (of course!), cat and devil.

Happy Halloween from Ruff Haus DesignWhat we’re wondering is how many will illustrate their dogs as a Halloween character? MWAHAHA! Happy Howl-o-ween. Beware! Frankenquigley could show up at your doorstep tonight!