Just thinking about my new understanding of what it must be like to have asthma in your life every day and how important good air quality is. With the recent fires in San Diego, I was having some breathing problems. I went to the doctor after suffering all last week from chest pain, difficulty breathing and a cough that would rival any chain smoker. It turns out I had Viral Bronchitis with an Asthmatic response apparently due to the poor air quality. Uh, yup. So I was sharing my experience with a client who happens to be in NY. He had mentioned he had problems with lung spasms shortly after the twin towers attack. He would wake up in the middle of the night unable to take a breath and he would panic and make it worse. All of this, following a trip to Western Europe, in which we noticed that they are starting to designate areas as non-smoking. Shocker! We had a conversation with a waiter in Belgium who told us that soon all restaurants would be non-smoking. "Hooray!" we said. He said, maybe, but he would rather see fewer cars on the road - this coming from someone who lives in an area where there are more bicycles and pedestrians than cars.

So what's my point? Not sure I have one, but my question is, why isn't the entire world working together to improve our air quality?

He would wake up in the middle of the night unable to take a breath and he would panic and make it worse.

Another interesting observation... again while in Europe, we experienced the concept of taking your own bag to the grocery store so you aren't leaving the store every time with a handful of plastic bags that will end up in a landfill. So I'm home and I'm hearing Macy's commercials for their new reusable shopping bag. Go Macy's!!! I love this idea. I want us to do more of this.

I'm guilty. But at least I'm aware and trying.

What's up with people who are entirely oblivious to how their actions affect the rest of the world?

The idea of having a blog is a bit new, so I'm still getting comfortable with what to write. I think I should stop now! Thanks for listening and feel free to comment.