I have been sick for about two weeks now. This has been the strangest "cold" I think I have ever had and it seems I'm not the only one having this experience. It started out as a general aching, mild headache and neck pain. It seemed like the kind of thing that could be beat with a little extra Vitamin C and rest. I did that, plus Oscillococcinum, daily trips to Jamba Juice for juice and boosts, Emergen-C, fresh fruit, and a trip to the acupuncturist. Gradually, it turned into the worst sore throat I think I have ever had accompanied by the loss of my voice (I sounded like a boy going through puberty!), which rolled over into unbelievable sinus pain and pressure, which then turned into a tickle in my throat that sent me into fits of coughing until I started to gag. Fun stuff! And those are just the major symptoms. So with all that said, over the past two weeks I have been getting all kinds of interesting advice and remedies from friends and family.

I thought I would share a few here:

  • Vicks VapoRub on the feet at night - stops coughing
  • Baked lemon and honey tea - for sore throat
  • Gargle with warm salt water - for sore throat (I used to do this as a kid)
  • Mix lemon, honey and cinnamon - for loss of voice and sore throat
  • Ibuprofen - for painful swollen throat
  • Green tea with lemon and honey - for sore throat, cough, digestion (I love green tea, it seems to fix a lot of ailments)
  • Go to the doctor - for antibiotics

I could go on, but why? I'm sure most of you have heard of or tried many of these and more! I tried most of them. I was most surprised by the VapoRub on the feet. It worked! I got one of my best nights of sleep since this whole ordeal started when I rubbed that stuff on my little piggies and went to bed. Wish I could have figured out a hazard-free way to slather it on during the day with my high heels!

Here's hoping you don't catch this nasty little cold that is going around. But if you do, feel free to try any of the above!