We are in the early stages of designing a new home. One of our goals is to design it so that we minimize our negative impact on the earth and all the creatures that live on it. Sustainability is a word that has very necessarily thrust itself into our every day vocabulary. In our discussions last night with the architect designing our home (www.loisosdesign.com), she mentioned all the ways, big and small, that we can incorporate green thinking into our home. So many of which are still being perfected and are still too expensive to consider. However, there are also many things we can do now that are inexpensive and even free. One example is not drinking bottled water, or another would be to purchase items in bulk to cut down on packaging consumption. There are so many decisions we could be making every day that would help reduce our negative impact on our dying planet.

This got me to wondering... what are others doing to be earth friendly? So, I pose the question and hope to get some response. Tell me about your sustainability effort and what kinds of things are you doing at work and at home to help save our planet?