Well, all the books say your pup should be fully potty trained at seven months. Hmmm. We might be a little behind the average pup when it comes to the potty training. I would say we are about 90% there and I can sense we are about to turn a corner. But there are a few specific types of accidents that we are still dealing with. The funny thing is Quigley learned to use the doggy door within weeks of having him home. Quig just followed our senior dog Kosmo when he went out to take care of "business." We thought for sure this would be a big boost, and for the most part, it was. Right now we are dealing with poopy accidents at my office of all places and the occasional pee accident at home. The office accidents are the strangest because I take him out two to three times during the day. One of those outings is usually in the afternoon when he is most likely to have the poopy accident. He pees and then comes back in the office and poops. One day I must have taken him out four times in a 45-minute span and he still came back in and pooped about ten minutes after the last outing. Ugh! The accidents at home seem to be anxiety- or distraction-oriented. Meaning... he is waiting for one of us to come through the door and he just can't hold it another second but he doesn't want to miss greeting us or he was busy doing something else and didn't want to go too far to take care of business.

Sometimes I wonder if I trained him to "go" in the office. I also wonder if his breed, french bulldog,  makes him a little more difficult to potty train. Or maybe I'm just expecting too much too soon. After all, he is about 90% there and he just turned seven months old two days ago.

I would love to hear feedback and comments. If there is anyone out there who has a tip, we would all be very happy to have it.