Your pets are always listening and watching

My husband was in the hospital all last week due to a collapsed lung - in medical terms that would be a pneumothorax, for those interested in that sort of thing. Anyway, with him in the hospital the routine at home was a little different and the dogs surely noticed. Of course there were the nightly cuddle sessions in bed because I didn't want to sleep alone, the walks were much earlier because I was going to the hospital each morning, and they weren't going to the office with me as usual because my routine just didn't allow for it. So the dogs were letting me know of their disapproval by leaving special presents on the floor. They were also starting to get used to sleeping with me, which they obviously loved, but they were also noticing someone was missing. One night, I was in bed talking with my husband on the phone... hold on. I just realized I need to give more background.

Background: In the mornings when my husband is on his way home from swimming, he calls to let me know. Well, Quigley has come to learn this and will anticipate his arrival at the door shortly after I hang up the phone. He will do the same thing when I call to say I'm on my way home after work. He starts to shift his radar ears in all directions trying to pick up a signal and then he lets out occasional puffs or squeaks. Finally, he jumps to action with a short bark, and heads for the door to bestow a proper welcome-home greeting.

So back to the original story... One night I was in bed talking with my husband on the phone and after I hung up, Quigley started the anticipation of arrival ritual, so I thought I had better let him know it was all for not. I said "Quigley, Steve's..." and before I could finish my sentence, Quigley turned to face me and pounced on my head. I started to say again... "Steve..." and again the pounce. I was cracking up. Of course, I should have been scolding him for attacking my head but I was not in the mood for training, but more for a good laugh. So the thing that got me, was it seemed Quigley learned to understand my tone or language when I'm on the phone with my husband, as well as that person-on-the-phone's name is Steve, and Steve is the guy who comes home. Amazing!