Apps for Pet Parents

From pet health to grooming needs to pet-specific audio, there's a smartphone app for just about anything you or your pet could want.

It is now easier than ever to keep up with veterinary records, feeding times, exercise regimes, grooming appointments, and more. Here is a list of our favorite pet-related smartphone apps:

All-Inclusive Apps For You and Your Pets

  • Petmobi (Free): With this app you can set weight-loss goals, track daily calorie intake using a database of thousands of pet foods, record exercise information, and track a pet's progress over time. There's also a social networking feature that permits owners to share updates and support other pets' goals.
  • Pets+ The Pet Organizer ($0.99): This app can be used with all pets, not just dogs and cats. Store information–including name, photos, gender, breed, weight, birthdate, emergency contact information, appointments, microchip information, feeding information, veterinarian and groomer contact information, and medical information–as well as preferred animal websites and even special notes and reminders. You can also track your pet's weight, find nearby groomers and veterinarians, locate pet stores, and share stuff via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Health-Related Apps For Your Pet

  • Pet Vet Records (Free): If you're switching veterinarians or moving to a new city, the Pet Vet Records app is a handy tool to have. You can track your pet's health and share and transfer important files and records to your vet–all in one place.
  • Pet Health ($0.99): If you have multiple pets–or even multiple vets–this app may be perfect for you. Keep and conveniently access basic information as well as medical records for every one of your animals.
  • My Pets Pro ($3.99): This app allows you to keep up with vet appointments and vaccination records, in addition to monitoring unique diets and exercise regimes. You can even store photos of your pets to track their weight-loss progress.

Specialized Pet Apps For All Sorts of Things

  • Pet Acoustics ($1.99): Here you can find music specifically designed and arranged for only animals' ears.
  • iLocate Pet Grooming ($1.99): Locate and easily get in contact with pet grooming facilities across the entire country.
  • iFindToto (Free): iFindToto is a unique app designed to help locate lost pets and reunite them with their rightful owners. Upload pictures of your lost pet or of lost pets you find. Owners can then scan the database of photographs to help them bring home their lost loved one.
  • Off Leash (Free): Information on more than 600 off-leash dog parks in the U.S. is included in this app, so you'll have no trouble finding a safe place for your dog to run free.
  • Fido Factor (Free): Need a comprehensive list of hotels, restaurants, stores, and other public places that are pet-friendly? Look no further than Fido Factor.
  • Petometer (Free): This app features a map of where you and your dog have walked. Use it to schedule future walks, check your walk history, and even share your routes with friends.
  • All Pets Radio (Free): This entertaining radio app features pet-related news, tips, and up-to-date information for pet owners.
  • Dog Tricks (Free): Photo and video tutorials allow you to more easily teach your dog new tricks. This app features a progress tracker, too.
  • iKibble ($0.99): If you happen to be looking for the best dog food options–for puppies or for mature dogs–choose from this app's list of hundreds of different brands and food types.

Do you have a favorite app you use and enjoy? Tell us about it!

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