If you are a hat lover and tend to wear multiple ones at work, then you will love this little service we came across while searching the Net for something completely unrelated.

Juggling multiple projects and responsibilities comes not only with multiple To Do lists, but also with multiple To Follow Up lists. It can get messy very quickly, especially if you have to follow up on something more than a week away. FollowUpThen is a free and super easy email reminder service. And here's the kicker, you don't even have to set up an account!

All you have to do is just CC time-interval@followupthen.com on your next email and if your recipient has not responded by the scheduled time, both of you receive a followup automatically after the time interval you specify. (Note: One little detail, your recipient has to "reply all" to includeFollowUpThen on their response for FollowUpThen to know about it.)

Or you can BCC FollowUpThen and only you (not the recipient) will receive a follow-up, regardless of recipient's reply. You can also simply email FollowUpThen and receive a reminder unrelated to your email activity.

Here are some examples of time intervals you can use:

  • 3days@followupthen.com
  • 5months@followupthen.com
  • tuesday@followupthen.com
  • tomorrow@followupthen.com
  • nextweek@followupthen.com
  • mar30@followupthen.com
  • 2010-05-30@followupthen.com
  • 11am@followupthen.com
  • tomorrow9am@followupthen.com
  • aug2512pm@followupthen.com
  • everyweds@followupthen.com
  • everymar30@followupthen.com

Sounds pretty easy, doesn't it? Now if only there was a reminder service to remind us to set up reminders!

What services/applications do you use to boost your productivity? Let us know.