Well, like most of you, I'm taking a stab at following through with my new year's resolution... blog more!

So, here I am. What to write about? Thinking... thinking... how about my favorite subject! My dogs  Quigley and Pamela. If you have read any of my blogs you know we adopted Pamela over the summer and are just tickled to death with having her in the pack. Over the holiday break, we got a package from her previous owners. In it was her Christmas stocking - name included (a-dorable!), her mutt lucks for romps in the snow and three of her favorite toys. I had forgotten about this one toy she loves, because they had sent one with her when we first got her so she would have something familiar to comfort her. She and Quigley managed to "kill" it within about one month's time. Anyway, the toy is a plush toy, pull toy, combo. It's a dog with a long nose and even longer body that's elastic for tugging. Pamela's favorite thing to do with her toy is simply hold it in her mouth - by the nose. It's the funniest thing to see. She just lays there with this long brown dog hanging out of her mouth by its nose while she looks at you over her own nose with her big dark brown eyes. I decided since she is soooo in love with this dog, I would name it Fabio after the god of romance novel covers. So now when my husband asks "Where's Pamela?" I answer, "In bed, cuddling with Fabio."