Since this is my first post to this category, I thought I should introduce the current players and give you an idea of what I plan to post. I say current players because we are animal people and by that very nature we will always have animals. In fact, we are just about ready to find a canine companion for Quigley–he's starting to think he's human. In order from smallest to largest...

Weighing in at 27 lbs and approximately one year of age... the one, the only, Quigley! Our eternally happy French bulldog. Then we take a leap to 15.3 hands, yes, hands. That would be the height of my paint horse, Cisco. The mind-reading steed with a sweet heart and fear of the wind. Finally, there's Jasper, at 16.2 hands and long legs that show it. Jasper is our feisty, solid paint who takes care of my husband over the jumps, and challenges his patience in the cross ties.

So, now you know the players, here's the game: I, the human, write stories, frustrations, and brags or anything that comes to mind about my animals and how they affect my life and the world. You, the other humans, share your thoughts and am hopeful you will get some enjoyment out of reading my posts.