Marketing Through Past Successes, New Futures and Everything In Between


Your company's anniversary is the perfect time to showcase to existing and potential customers all those things that make your company special. This includes showing off the talents that made the business what it is, revealing new products or services, differentiating the business from the competition, focusing on the successes that led to the company's longevity and more.

While milestone anniversaries, such as 25, 50 or even 100 years, are great attention grabbers, you shouldn't get hung up on limiting your business' anniversary celebrations to milestones alone. Instead, capitalize on the potential marketing value of any and all company anniversary celebrations, and leverage the unique opportunity to enable growth and promote brand awareness. After all, this party is as much for the business as it is for the consumer.


Use out-of-the-box thinking to generate ideas of how to engage in meaningful dialogue and build relationships with your target market.

A company anniversary is a great way to generate interest, draw new customers and clients, increase sales, boost company morale and improve employee performance. By attracting attention and saying to consumers, "Look at us! We're happy, successful and growing strong," you establish a competitive advantage and build credibility in your niche.


A great way to gain consumer trust in your company's future is to showcase the successes of your company's past.

Planning your company anniversary well in advance is one of the best ways to get the most out of the special occasion. Schedule events all year long in numerous tradeshows, community events and the like, and issue press releases to get as much media coverage as possible. Consider revamping the company website with a special anniversary logo, and include the details of your celebrations in all social media outlets. Send out printed announcements and commemorative gifts that your customers will appreciate.

Getting help from professionals with promotions, public relations and/or event management will help maximize your outreach and increase the overall success of the anniversary celebrations, so don't overlook the small stuff. To generate a successful strategy, recognizing the marketing value of such an occasion is crucial.

Employees are another integral part in the planning process, so use them to your advantage. Involving employees in all of the planning details not only boosts morale through participation, it also translates to increased company loyalty. The end result - successful teamwork experience and feelings of pride and accomplishment - renders a certain passion by the employees for the company's well-being, which is in turn invaluable because customers can easily recognize it and become enticed by the camaraderie.

Leveraging an anniversary to change things up a bit and rejuvenate your company's identity in order to line up with a changing marketplace, while simultaneously introducing new and improved products and services, can mean big things, especially in terms of new leads. And in the end, aligning an anniversary event celebration complete with food, drinks, contests, giveaways and other promotions with new and fresh ideas, products and services generates excitement in existing and potential customers, and is a unique opportunity to communicate and connect with the public. So, don't ignore the tremendous marketing potential here! Let the anniversary celebrations last all year long!

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