A Video Case Study, Study.

The Landscape

Kenwood Audio was the perfect client to kick off this series of case study videos for Montrose Travel Corporate Services (MTCS). Their long standing relationship and utter appreciation of how MTCS directly contributes to their success was very apparent on and off camera, making our job a little easier.


We worked closely with videographer Nadia Borowski Scott to capture the essence of the two companies and highlight their relationship. It wasn’t difficult to capture the love, so to speak, between MTCS and Kenwood Audio because it was in the air! Kenwood Audio... get it? It was a bit challenging to deal with the limited amount of time we had to shoot. This was a whirlwind of a day, which included about 6 hours of driving time and 6 interviews, not to mention b-roll!

MTCS Kenwood Video Screenshot
MTCS Kenwood Video Screenshot


Our goal was to take a very full day of interview footage and condense it down to a 3 minute video that would cover all the key points and tell the story in a compelling and interesting way. You never really know what you have after a photo or video shoot until you get back to the studio and start poring through the footage. We knew we had some background noise to contend with along with camera shy individuals, but in the end great editing prevailed and we were able to capture the essence of this story in just over 3 minutes. OK, so we had a lot more to say than we thought.


The video illustrates how MTCS plans and implements Kenwood’s most lucrative sales promotion - the dealer incentive travel program - and they are very proud of it. The success Kenwood Audio has enjoyed is not just fluff - they have the numbers and they are challenging anyone out there to prove otherwise.

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