You have heard the saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." I don't believe it for a second. I think dogs are always learning and adapting to change. I just threw a little change in the mix for my lab Kosmo. I purchased a new car. I wanted a wagon because I take him to work with me every day and he rides in the backseat of the car. The car is starting to show it and I hate having to scramble to clean up the backseat anytime I have more than one passenger. I didn't want a big gas guzzling environmentally unfriendly vehicle that wouldn't fit in my parking area at work so the natural solution was a cute little wagon.

My sister begged me not to get a wagon, stating, "That's a mom car, you're not a mom. Get something cool!" I think she forgot at the time that I am Kosmo's mom and he is part of my reason for getting a wagon. I considered her suggestion and decided that wagons are cool and fit my needs. The idea being I could load him up in the back and let him get as much hair and slobber back there as his little kibble eating heart desires and not have to think much about it. Not to mention, I could put all my horse gear in the back as well. Cool! I say. Forgot to ask Kosmo.

He gives me this look like, you’re not really going to leave me back here, are you? That was day 1.

Well in all my thinking and planning, I kinda forgot to ask Kosmo if he would like to ride in a wagon. So I get the car and right away I'm ready to drive my new car to work. I leave the house as usual with Kosmo in tow and open up the back hatch. At that very moment, it dawns on me... Kosmo may not like this new ride.

I decide to be positive, "Okay Kosmo, up!" He just looks at the back of the car and then looks at me. I proceed to do a major cheerleading performance with acrobatics and tons of positive encouragement all the while with Kosmo just looking at me with this expression on his face, as if he's saying, "I'm not getting in that thing regardless of how happy you are about it. And, the neighbors are watching you." I ended up having to pick him up and put him in the back. OK, now he's in but he's standing there like I just stuck him in a crate with six cats. I decide to remain positive, I tell him he's fine and that he's a good boy, and then I close the hatch. He gives me this look like, you're not really going to leave me back here, are you? That was day 1.

It's now day 7, he still won't jump in, but he will jump out! He's starting to figure out the hatch concept and beginning to settle into the back area. Maybe one of these day's he'll jump in. If not, I may just have to work on my biceps! Old dogs can learn new tricks, just not too many at one time.