You can't go wrong with a thoughtful gift that communicates your brand personality.

The sales reps who generate the dollars in your company, the road warriors who spend their time with customers, know the reality of what it takes to keep them happy the right products at the right price and a bit of schmoozing are all important factors, but there is nothing worse for a salesperson than visiting a customer empty-handed.

Promotional gifts go a long way to make customers happy. Would you show up to a dinner party without a gift for the host? Maybe, but you're more likely to get invited back if you show up with a bouquet of flowers for the table or a bottle of wine to share. So why wouldn't you treat your customers with as much care as your friends? After all, they're the ones who keep your business booming.

When you're seeing a new client, first impressions are important. Likely, you have harassed a secretary for weeks to get a meeting set. So when you step into that office, you want to show him/her you appreciate the help, a perfect opportunity for a useful promotional product, like a branded water bottle or eco-friendly tote bag.

If you're like 50% of the American Workforce calling on clients, new or old show them that you care just a little more than the rest, and show them that you appreciate what they do to keep your business going. There are more options these days than just key chains. If you can imagine it, someone can put your logo on it. Try to choose something that will be around and be seen by others. Remember, your true goal is to keep your brand top of mind and to build awareness in the office or industry.