When Quigley is on our walk, he is all business. It's like he's on a mission. What that mission is I'm not so sure. Sometimes I think he's just out to mark his territory, other times it seems he's just out to take inventory - to see what's changed since the last time he walked his route. But then, there are the days when I think he's simply out to be seen. He struts down the sidewalk like he's walking the runway in haute couture. My husband likes to sing "I'm too sexy for...(fill in the blank)" as Quigley trots along strutting his stuff. But try to imagine the irony, Quigley is the complete opposite of a supermodel... his girth exceeds his length, his legs are so short he can hardly scratch his ear with his hind leg, and he has huge ears that stick straight up. I'm the usual dog walker, so I tend to leave the singing of that song to my husband. But I must admit, it does pop into my head on those days when I look down and see that little bulldog stub of a tail bobbing back and forth across the horizon. I wonder what Pamela is thinking as she walks along side him... probably something like "oh, get over yourself, it's just a walk".