So this pup happens to be human but we couldn't resist the double "p" thing.

We have a new pup in the Ruff Haus pack. We are excited to introduce Deborah Gascon, marketing mutt, with plenty of fresh kibble to add to our blog mix. Deborah will be contributing her insightful observations to the Ruff Haus blog on everything from animal antics to marketing magic. Her pedigree includes a BA in Marketing from the San Diego State University. Deborah is a dog lover as well and has an adorable beagle named Sadie who is a constant source of joy and blog-worthy antics. Many of you have seen Sadie on the pages of our website and blog. As their human Aunty, Deborah is also intimately familiar with our four-legged office mates – Pamela and Quigley. Welcome to the pack, Deborah!