We’re a two-dog family again.

Pamela and Quigley! our dynamic duo.

Well, it has now been one week since we brought Pamela home and all is going well. Quigley loves his new friend and she is warming up to all of us. I think Pamela is starting to settle into the fact that she is not just staying for a short while, but rather for the duration. She seems a little less sad every day, she is learning our language and we are learning her quirks.

The only challenge we've had is with the car. For some reason Pamela's very hesitant to get into the back of my wagon. This is a bit of a challenge since unlike many people, I have my dogs in and out of the car at least two to four times a day. They go to work with me, every day my schedule permits, and even sometimes when it really doesn't. I know she had no trouble getting into the car for her previous owners, so I'm confident we can work through this. I wonder if she's hesitant because she's concerned she might be leaving us? Understandable.

Anyway, now that we have Pamela, Quigley and Pamela play a game of tug or keep away after our morning walk and breakfast rather than just Quigley watching me put on makeup and dry my hair. I truly believe dogs need other dogs to be fully satisfied in their doggie minds. We are again, a two-dog family. Sigh.