We took Pamela and Quigley to the beach for the first time. Our first time taking Pamela to a beach since we adopted her and Quigley's first time ever. We stopped going to the beach when Kosmo started having health problems that caused him to collapse if he ran, and well, French Bulldogs, just aren't water friendly, so we just didn't see much use in just taking Quigley for a romp in the waves. Particularly after the swimming pool test failed - he sunk like a rock, it was scarry! Now that we have Pamela, a serious water loving dog, I think we will be headed to the beach more often. Pamela loved it, of course. She immediately went in the water just to swim... no ball, no other dog... just to swim around. It was very cute. Quigley, on the other hand, tried hard not to drown while barking and growling at Pamela to be sensible and come back on land for real dog fun. Of course that was cute too. They eventually figured out how to play together and still satisfy their opposing personal needs. The result was a great first day at the beach, followed by a trip to the self-serve dog wash, and two snoozing dogs for the rest of the afternoon. Well, at least for the next two hours.