Everyone is Talking About the Big Bay Fireworks Fiasco Last Night

I'm sure I am not the only person in San Diego commenting on the Big Bay fireworks premature ejection last night. I just can't help myself. Everyone is talking about it this morning. From the morning line for coffee at my local Starbucks to the news feeds streaming across my monitor and all of us here at the office. Everyone is laughing and complaining in the same breath. Stories of where we were and what we had to go through to get there only to be disappointed by what initially looked like it was to be the fireworks display of the century.

The question everyone is asking... why didn't some sort of announcement take place? Why did they leave us all sitting there, draped in blankets and covered in whatever sweatshirt we had fermenting in the recesses of our car trunk. Couldn't they have made some sort of announcement on the radio? People, we "blew it", go home, watch fireworks on TV and defrost, or better yet, pop to the other side of the hill and catch the Sea World fireworks! We were watching from Liberty Station.

I hate dealing with the traffic, so I was super excited last year to discover how nice it was to sit in Liberty park and catch enough fireworks displays to satisfy any semi-patriotic American.  This year I had my dad and step mom in town. They drove from Indian Wells to spend the week and escape the heat. Last night the desert dwellers were freezing their tails off in anticipation of a great show, as advertised by me! For 3 days I touted how great it was... "We just grabbed the dogs and a blanket and walked down to Liberty Station for a great view of the bay shows" to quote myself. Well, so much for the old adage "truth in advertising"...

Now, of course, there is always next year, and I understand accidents happen. But that's not my point at all... what I'm saying here is why the heck couldn't someone say... "People, we had a malfunction here, it's not going to happen, hurry up and do something else to satisfy your need for a good dose of Independence day tradition". We went home and had hot apple pie—a la mode of course!