What would Halloween be without dressing up our beloved pets in funny or scary costumes? 22 million Americans plan to dress up their pets for Halloween. It’s no longer enough to find a creative, fun or scary costume for ourselves, now we have the added pressure of finding just the right costume for our pets! This trend doesn’t seem to be waning, according to the National Retail Federation’s Halloween Spending Survey, pet parents will be spending $330 million on costumes for their furry kids. That’s a 65% increase from what was spent in 2010. The most popular costume is a pumpkin, closely followed by a hot dog (of course!), cat and devil.

What we're wondering is how many will illustrate their dogs as a Halloween character? MWAHAHA! Happy Howl-o-ween. Beware! Frankenquigley could show up at your doorstep tonight!