Quigley on a Rainy Day
Quigley on a Rainy Day

Not sure what to do with your pet on a rainy day?

Let them snooze of course! All that Quigley is missing is a cup of hot chocolate to make this picture even cozier. Of course, I'm sure he would say all he needs is to be in my bed at home, under the covers.

But seriously, if they aren't up for sleeping the day away or start to get a bit of cabin fever try the following:

  • Search and sniff - hide treats around the house (or office)
  • Stuff a toy with peanut butter
  • Teach him a new trick
  • Play tug o' war
  • Invite a friend for a playdate while you catch up on the latest news and enjoy a cup of tea.
  • Turn on DogTV
  • Use a long hallway or stairs for a power play session