For the past few years we have been making the most of an illustration we did of our shortest ca-nine to five'r, Quigley. For Halloween last year, we turned him into FrankenQuigley, on Independence day we turned him into QuigLincoln, and at Christmas he was Ol' Saint Quigley. This Thanksgiving he gets to be a free range turkey!


Should we give him a pilgrim hat? How about a monocle? You know, the way his leg is sticking out – it kinda looks like a drumstick... Does it look like he sat on a turkey? And the comments go on for as long as it takes us to sort through the humor that comes to us naturally vs. taking it too far. We have way too much fun narrowing down the options, all the while hoping everyone will laugh as much as we do when they open up their email and see a Turkeyfied Quigley looking back at them.

So this Thanksgiving – when you realize you forgot to push the start button and the turkey is sitting in the oven raw as the doorbell rings, you find yourself listening to Aunt Mable tell that story yet again, or you catch the dog licking the cheese ball on the coffee table – take a deep breath, try to find the humor in the situation and remember to give thanks for all that is right in your world. Not the whole world, just your world.

Naturally, I'm thankful for all the obvious big things like health and a roof over my head, but the kinds of things I find myself more thankful for lately are the little things. Like a Sunday morning chat with my husband over breakfast at home, a tail wag from Pamela just because I said her name, an unexpected phone call from my sister, or a great riding lesson with my horse.

What are you thankful for?