A Quick Exercise to Get Better Referrals From Your Tribe

How do you know if that group of people you're networking with - you know, the ones you get together with once a month or even weekly - really knows what you do and when to refer you? You do this little test...

A member from a group I meet with bi-weekly read an article about helping others make an instant connection with you and what you do. He was so inspired, he suggested we try an exercise to test our group. I thought our test exercise went so well I just had to share it.

Here's how the exercise went:

Focusing on one member at a time, we went around the room taking turns giving top of mind thoughts about either what service we thought that member provided and/or our general impression of that person. After each round, the member corrected our comments, we asked questions and together we crafted a short and precise blurb to help us connect that person with their expertise.

When it was my turn, I was actually quite pleased with the results as the group was on target with our current brand message. The timing of this exercise was perfect for me because we're actively working on refocusing our brand. I was able to discuss some of the changes with the group and get a jump start on helping them make the shift with us.

We all want to be that person who's top-of-mind when our area of expertise is mentioned, but how can we be sure we are? Better yet, how can we be sure it's the right connection, meaning that person connects you with your exact service or area of expertise? Making sure that connection happens is key to getting the referral, but an accurate match is money in the bank. The better the match, the better your chances are for landing the client.

Don't forget there is also a benefit here for the person making the match. If they are now able to refer with confidence and accuracy, not only are they more likely to refer you but now they also get praise for being a great matchmaker.

I get most of my business from referrals, so in-person networking is my go-to sales tool. If you're in the same boat, consider trying this exercise with your networking group the next time you meet.

This is what the group came up with for expertise and their top of mind impression of Ruff Haus AKA Jonni

This is what the group came up with for expertise and their top of mind impression of Ruff Haus AKA Jonni

Have a Pawsitively Tail Waggin’ Good Day!

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