We all need some good feedback Every Once in a while

Random thoughts pop into my head all day long. My husband has learned to tolerate them and my dogs (and horse) just listen politely (I think they just like the attention). Occasionally I get a nice questioning head tilt out of Quigley (Pamela doesn’t do the tilt), which, by the way, is one of my favorite doggie do’s ever.

This morning’s thought was related to my blood work test results - I promise this won’t be gross or too personal… you can keep reading safely. My doctor wrote a big “Excellent!” on the top of the printout (and I’m not embellishing here, he actually included the exclamation point). I was beaming with pride as I told my husband. If he had been right next to me, I swear he would have given me a dismissive pat on the head, but since we were both busy getting ready for work in different areas of the bedroom, my head was out of reach. Instead I got “Oh nice, honey”. Not very satisfying.


How about a little enthusiasm, people?

My husband’s reaction in contrast to my doctor’s note got me thinking. As children, we are constantly being “graded”. We had test scores, homework grades, report cards, and citizenship and sports awards. Back then we didn’t always look forward to getting our results, but when we were on our game, we couldn’t wait. As adults, how often do we get the same sort of reward? Sure, we get the occasional “good job” from our boss or “thank you” from our client, but how about a gold star, an excellent with the enthusiastic exclamation mark, or a big red A+?


Possible feel good solution


Before we talk solutions, I need to mention a few things. I don’t enter award competitions and while I appreciate every “ata girl” I get, quite honestly, some hold more weight than others. The kind of reward I’m talking about here is one you get from someone who knows - this could be a mentor, a peer, anyone whom you respect or whose opinion you really value. So here’s what I’m thinking… your average ego isn’t fishing for compliments, so instead we should give them - you know, pay it forward. 

The idea here is if I give a well deserving compliment to someone in my field of work or play, then maybe they will feel so good that they will compliment some other well deserving person. The key here is not so much that you feel like you’re superior but that you feel inspired and humbly qualified to give a compliment that will carry some weight with that individual. It doesn’t have to be an A+, and now that I think about it, you should avoid gushing and just be genuine.


Patting yourself on the back

While you’re waiting for that opportunity to compliment a friend or colleague, consider celebrating your own successes. This is something my business coach always reminds me to do. Sometimes it feels a bit silly but most times it feels great – especially when the reward is a trip to the spa!


Have a Pawsitively Tail Waggin’ Good Day!

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